Family Raised Australian Shepherds


Please copy and paste the questions below into an email, answer the questions, and send it back to us at 
It is VERY important you read ALL of the information on both our puppy application AND our FAQs page. Applications who make it apparent they have failed to read all of the information on this page will automatically have their application denied.  

Why did you choose a Australian Shepherd as your next family member? 


Have you researched the breed? 


Do you have other pets in the home? If so, what are they? Breed, age, spayed/neutered?


Do you plan on breeding your Aussie? 


Do you have a yard? If not, do you have a plan as to where you're going to potty train your puppy? 

Where do you plan on exercising your puppy? Aussies need a lot of both mental and physical stimulation.


How long each day will your new puppy be left alone? 


Who will care for your puppy if you're out of town? 


Are you willing to keep your puppy home and away from public environments where they could pick up an illness until your puppy is fully vaccinated at 16 weeks old?  This includes potty training outside of your own yard.


Will you bring your puppy / dog back to its breeder if for some reason you're no longer able to keep him/her? 


Do you have a regular vet? If not, will you be building a relationship with a local vet for your new puppy? 


Is there a color you're looking for? 


Are you looking for a male or female puppy? 

Is there a time line you're looking to add a new puppy to your family?

Are you willing to wait for the right puppy to come available?

Full name and contact number: 

Adopting a Pepper Tree puppy 

Whether the puppy is raised in our home or in the home of one of our partners, puppies are not available to meet in person until they're 8 weeks old, weaned from their mom and cleared by our vet at their 8 week puppy exam. $100 first right of refusal deposits are taken and REQUIRED to hold a puppy until their litter’s meet/pick up day and are REQUIRED to make a appoitment to come meet a puppy in person. This deposit tells us you are serious about purchasing the puppy, you wont waste our families time and will show up on time to our scheduled puppy appointment. Deposits are required even if you're making a same day appointment. $100 deposits can be sent using the friends and family option on PayPal.


 All litters have their family meet / pick up date set aside ahead of time. Deposits are refundable IN PERSON, at your puppy meet and greet appointment if the puppy isn't what you had hoped for. Deposits are NOT refundable if you find a puppy with another breeder before you meet our puppy in person, if you fail to show up to our puppy appointment without communicating ahead of time or for any other reason. Deposits hold puppies until their designated pick up / appointment day. We do not hold puppies past this date unless discussed ahead of time. The remainder of the balance is due on puppy pick up day IN CASH. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. No other forms of payment will be accepted. Deposits can be sent through PayPal. Please make sure you contact us, have a approved application and will be able to be in San Diego ON our scheduled puppy pick up day before you send a deposit . Please contact us if you have any questions.

Wait lists: 

We charge $100 to be added to our wait list. Please contact us directly for more info. 

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